All at Sea

When good connections and stable supply lines help save lives

Supplying Northern Europe with personal protective equipment
The Danish-founded consultancy, import, and production company All at Sea is playing an important role during the COVID-19 pandemic in providing personal protective equipment (PPE) for Denmark and the rest of Northern Europe. The company, with Hong Reese-You in front, has close ties to China and has its own production facilities in the country.

The opportunity to make a difference
When dark clouds recently filled the skies globally, a sudden need for PPEs arose, and a run on the manufacturers in the Far East was launched. Thanks to All at Sea’s close attachment to China and the company’s good connections in the country, it has succeeded in securing a steady stream of high-quality PPEs.

“Early in the course of the pandemic, we were asked to detect, quality check, and source PPEs, such as gloves, surgical gowns, and face masks – initially to hospitals. Afterward, we began to sell to retail chain stores, restaurants, and cafés,” says Hong Reese-You.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, All at Sea has been very busy, and Hong Reese-You expects it will continue for the coming months but underlines that she and her team will work hard for the good cause.

Stable supply lines are of the essence
All at Sea, which often makes use of different freight forwarding and logistics providers, is very happy with its collaboration with LEMAN, which is transporting the goods from China and is also responsible for storing, picking, packing, and distributing the PPEs to All at Sea’s customers.

A logistic puzzle that demands attention, as the requirements for every single delivery are not generic and vary. 

“LEMAN has been highly competent, accommodating, and service-minded from the beginning and offers me flexible and very satisfactory solutions. Despite a busy freight market, LEMAN can ensure capacity and is completely in control of everything regarding the cargo – including all the surrounding details,” Hong Reese-You explains and concludes:

“I really feel that LEMAN is by my side all the way and makes sure to inform me when it is necessary – day and night. They are highly professional and deliver as promised. I am not just “another customer” but am treated uniquely. Of all the transportation companies I have used, LEMAN is definitely among the best”.  

All at Sea

Experts in the Chinese market


  • Founded in 2014 in Copenhagen 
  • Own production facilities in China
  • Helps European companies and governments kicking the door into the world's second-largest economy
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company is busy with detecting and sourcing high-quality PPEs in China 

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