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In order to be the best at what they do in the technical world, BB Computerteknikk (BBC) wanted to improve their logistical setup with a partner that was equally competent in the logistical world.

BBC is innovative pioneers in self-service-bag drop solutions and has more than 100 units in operation today. They are leading supplier of baggage handling control systems to more than 52 airports in both Norway and Europe. Furthermore, BBC delivers security equipment for scanning of passengers, hand baggage, checked-in baggage and cargo.

In recent years, the development of the business has been so great that it requires sophisticated and professional logistics solutions. Products are transported from all over the world and assembled by the BBC’s technical staff at airports and other terminals.

For this reason, BBC entrusted LEMAN Norway as a logistics partner with all their shipping needs, including warehousing, air, sea and road shipments.

“The invaluable competence of LEMAN has been very important so far for BBC, and we hope for a great development for the future with our dealings both in our market and with the support of LEMAN,” says Rune Thunem, CEO of BBC.

Managing Director of LEMAN Norway, Eigil Wilhelms, adds: “At LEMAN, we always strive to do what is best for our customers in their specific situation. It is equally important that we provide good advices to our customers, and we try to achieve the position of a partner to our customers. We call it the LEMAN DNA.”


Innovative self-service solutions

Facts about BBC:

  • Leading supplier of baggage handling control systems to Norwegian airports
  • Innovative pioneers in automation and self-service solutions
  • Founded in 2001 in Norway
  • Has now more than 100 installations throughout Europe 

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