When the supply chain must be well-oiled
Whether it is the pharmaceutical, energy, or food industry, in fact, all types of industries or businesses where the smallest nut or the smallest cogwheel are involved, it is highly probable that Petrochem's high-quality lubricants are an important piece in the operations and maintenance strategy.

The products contribute by helping combine harvesters to finish harvest, filling machines in pharmaceutical factories to dose in a gentle current around the clock, and wind turbine blades turning merrily in the fresh breeze.

At Petrochem, therefore, it is a known fact that time equals money - and for every minute a production line or vehicle stands still somewhere in the world, it can have a major impact on the bottom line of the company concerned.

“We have all types of customers – from Old MacDonalds' farm to very large multinational industrial companies in various sectors and industries. We help keep their machines and vehicles running. It is therefore important that we have a transportation and logistics partner that understands our business and the importance of our products reaching our customers on time,” says Jannick Lenthe, Country Manager at Petrochem Norway.

More than just transportation and logistics
LEMAN has been chosen as one of the preferred logistics partners. According to Jannick Lenthe, it was the combination of flexibility, honesty, and great commitment that was the decisive factor.

“I find LEMAN to be extremely service-minded and accommodating. My wishes and needs are listened carefully to, and I then experience that LEMAN returns very quickly with very satisfactory solutions. There is never anything that cannot be done, and a solution is always found. No matter what, I get the help I need, whether I need to have a container shipped from Canada, need a warehousing solution, or need to have an express delivery from Denmark to Northern Norway”.

Jannick Lenthe has also been assigned a permanent contact person, with whom he regularly spars, which is another aspect of the collaboration that he really appreciates.

“For me, LEMAN is much more than just transportation and logistics and a place where I buy single shipments. I feel that it is a partnership where I have quick access around the clock via one person to a sea of ​​experts in logistics, who advise me in an excellent way,” says Jannick Lenthe and points out that it is not just him personally, who is happy with the collaboration, but that his office and warehouse employees are of the same opinion.


Lubricants of the highest quality

  • Covers the full range of lubricants for both vehicles and industry
  • Importer and authorized distributor of Petro-Canada Lubricants' products in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland
  • Founded in 2000
  • Headquarters in Tune, Denmark 

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