More than logistics - Stelton in the US is LEMAN


More than 50 years ago, the Danish company, Stelton, who sells iconic Danish design and innovative products for the home, expanded their business to the US market. Due to the growing expectations from the US customers, Stelton decided to change transportation and logistics partner 7 years ago.

"We needed a partner who was well established in the US market and could give us much more than just logistics - an all-round partner who could act as Stelton in the US," says Finn Gram-Jensen, Export Manager at Stelton.

LEMAN was chosen as new partner and now handles all of Stelton’s logistics, transportation, customer contact and invoicing at the US market. Especially the human resources are important to Stelton since LEMAN’s employees are Stelton’s point of contact with customers.

"LEMAN’s employees are dedicated and provide great service to our customers. In my opinion, we have excellent 'ambassadors' in LEMAN who handle our challenges and make everything work well," elaborates Finn.

Furthermore, Stelton and LEMAN have used each other as sounding board in order to achieve the best results together to meet the increasing expectations from customers.

"Customers expect fast delivery and the need to offer drop shipment to our customers is extended. The professional discussions have provided us with valuable input and experiences in the process because LEMAN has experience and knowledge within this area," concludes Finn Gram-Jensen.


Innovative Scandinavian design

Facts about Stelton:

  • Danish design company with strong roots in the Scandinavian design tradition
  • Characterised by a minimalistic design and high quality
  • Founded in 1960 in Denmark
  • Represented in more than 35 countries all over the world
  • Best known for the EM77 Thermo Jug which has sold more than 10 million examples

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