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13. 一月

Today, China is the world’s largest exporter of goods, with the EU, the U.S., Japan, and South Korea as the largest trading partners. The most prominent goods exported are consumer electronics, medical equipment, data processing technologies, clothing, textiles, and optical gear.

As an importer of goods from China and the Far East, it can be quite helpful to know a few tips to ease the transportation of products to your home country. Therefore, please consider:

1. Do you have the import rights?

Every country or union has various regulatory policies. Confirm with your local authorities if you need a specific license for importing from China and the Far East.

2. What kind of goods do you want to import?

There are very different tariffs, rates, and customs regulations for various types of goods. At the same time, different rules apply depending on whether the goods are to be resold or not. Check with your local customs authorities in order to be prepared for any large customs tariffs.

3. Did you calculate total costs?

Goods in China are often significantly cheaper than in the importer country. Therefore, make a calculation of all costs, including any administration or design costs, purchase price, collection, freight, and customs clearance to get a realistic overview of your total landing costs.

4. Have you considered the delivery terms?

There are both pros and cons to letting your Chinese partner handle the transportation to your home country. You must consider when the risk of the goods passes to you as well as who will be responsible for insurance and booking of the carrier. The international Incoterms are a series of pre-defined commercial terms, which can help you make the right decision. Contact your local freight forwarder to learn more about Incoterms.

5. Which transportation mode is most suitable?

Depending on the size of the shipment together with your expectations for price and delivery time, you can choose from many different modes of transportation; by truck, air freight, sea freight, express courier, or by rail. Contact your local LEMAN specialist to learn much more about your options and advantages.


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