Cargo insurance gives peace of mind all the way

LEMAN launches new and improved cargo insurance

3. 二月

LEMAN is launching a new and improved cargo insurance product for the benefit of all its customers. For all transports, customers can now choose to insure their goods for a percentage of the total sum insured. The coverage is wide, and the premiums are advantageous, and as a customer, you are free to choose between insuring your shipments individually or on an annual basis.

“Of course, we always do our utmost to protect our customers' goods. However, when the cargo is transported from A to B, in rare cases, damage can occur, or it can be lost. That is why we are pleased that we can now offer all our customers one of the market's most attractive cargo insurances in terms of both price and quality, ”says Tine Kaaber, Head of Group Risk & Insurance at LEMAN.

A valuable insurance

What many do not know is that it is the cargo owner who bears the greatest risk during transports. According to international conventions and national laws and regulations, the carrier is often not liable for the full value of the goods. As a cargo owner, you are often only entitled to a relatively symbolic compensation if your goods disappear or are damaged during transport. With cargo insurance, you get full coverage of the invoice value.

“When there is damage or loss to some goods during transport, you as a goods owner usually only receive compensation that is calculated based on the weight of the cargo. In most cases, however, weight and value do not correspond to each other - computer chips could be an example of this - and then an unfortunate transport incident can suddenly become a costly affair for the owner of the goods. With cargo insurance, you can have peace of mind, as you are guaranteed fast claims handling and full compensation,” says Tine Kaaber.

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