5 million face masks sent to China based on trust, network and “word-of-mouth”.

12. 二月

“Buy everything you can get. We will transfer the money to you”.

That was the message from the Chinese authorities to the owner of the Danish Copenhagen-based company, ScanAgro. The phone call came just a few days before the Chinese Government started recommending the use of security equipment to limit the spread of Coronavirus. Therefore, ScanAgro was just a small step ahead as the lack of masks and security equipment became a problem, and quickly they started investigating the market for respiratory protection and safety suits in Europe.

When trust is crucial

ScanAgro's owner has many years of experience in trading in China. Thus, when his Chinese partner received a request from the Chinese authorities, they did not hesitate to contact ScanAgro for help. "For the Chinese, it is crucial to have full trust in a business partner – and when trust is founded, there is no limit to the cooperation," says Søren, owner of ScanAgro and continues: "For us, it is a big, exciting and unexpected task, and of course we do everything we can to live up to the confidence that the Chinese expect."

Trust and confidence in transport

Trust also became the key word for ScanAgro's choice of logistics partner for the transport. Initially, 15 full truck loads with safety equipment from i.a. England, Poland and Portugal have been sent to Amsterdam Airport, where a jumbo jet from the Chinese authorities was waiting. "I asked my network, if anyone knew a logistics company who could solve the transport, and the name LEMAN quickly came up," says Søren. “LEMAN started up immediately and so far, they have solved the task to our great satisfaction. For us, it is not just a matter of transport from A to B. It is equally important with professional assistance, advice, document handling, collateral, delivery on time and a lot of other factors,” Søren continues. “I have received full support from LEMAN and the confidence has been confirmed. Now, the chain is closed as I received the order due to mutual trust – and now LEMAN has been given the transport task due to trust and great “word-of-mouth” in my network”.

ScanAgro is still purchasing security equipment for China, and a large order in Portugal has just been closed.

Do you want to know more about your transport options with LEMAN or about ScanAgro's story?

Please contact Christoffer Sjørup, BD Manager at LEMAN Denmark or your local LEMAN contact person.