Comeback to an old transport friend between China and Europe

17. 三月

For many years, the combination of Sea & Air has not been price attractive compared to regular air freight, but with the recent development in the world situation, the product is now a solid alternative in the market, and right now it is much more cost-effective than air freight and with better transit times than sea freight.

With the recent development in and around Ukraine and covid-19 in China, which have closed down cities and cancelled international flights, alternative transport solutions have to be found for our clients. This is now even more crucial with the closure of both the rail and truck solutions between China and Europe, which will put pressure for the entire supply chain for our clients.

Therefore, we offer our customers to benefit from our professional network and expertise with flexible routing options and global coverage via strategic Sea-Air hubs in Dubai, Singapore and Seoul, which is the ideal combination of both speed and cost.

One example could be an import from China, being transported by sea freight to Dubai, and then by air freight from Dubai to Northern Europe. This both reduces costs compared to air and transit time compared to sea. A clear win win for our customers, which we will be very interested in arranging.

Want to learn more?

If you have any interest hearing more about this, and how we also are able to move FCL, please contact your local LEMAN office and talk to our experts about what alternative transport option, we can design to fit your supply chain.