EU Mobility Package 2022

The EU Mobility Package will impact on the road transport sector from February

27. 一月

After several delays, the new rules in EU's Mobility Package will be applicable from 2nd of February 2022. It is too early to say what exactly this will mean for transport prices in Europe, but unfortunately our customers will experience price increases of various sizes.

The mobility package is generally about working conditions such as minimum salaries for the country the drivers are working in, and therefore it has consequences for the entire industry.

One of the things that will cause price increases is the new rules that trucks must return to their home country at least every eight weeks (This will take effect from 21st of February 2022), and in addition to that, new cabotage rules and increased administration regarding to regulatory control over working hours are also expected to mean price increases.

The package also includes changes for the taxes of the salaries in some Eastern European countries.

We are, of course, sorry that the new legislation and the increased requirements will mean price increases for everyone in the industry, but at the same time it is important for us to emphasize that the high quality for which LEMAN is known will continue unabated.

For further information, please go to the European Commission's website of the Mobility Package