Freight from Turkey is expanding

- and LEMAN is now upgrading

29. 四月

More and more products are being produced in Turkey, and this development will continue in the coming years. That is why we are now expanding our cooperation and have found a new and more comprehensive partner, so that our Scandinavian customers can have their goods shipped better and more precisely from Turkey.

LEMAN has entered into an agreement with the Turkish haulage business ELS, and this means that we can offer both existing and new customers in Scandinavia better service and higher quality, and LEMAN sees great potential in the new collaboration:

“Our new partnership means that we can offer more transparent and more precise freight between Turkey and Scandinavia. ELS is a top professional transport company with their own vehicles, which all have GPS, and that means we can now inform our customers about exactly when they receive their goods. We already ship lots of goods from Turkey to Scandinavia - for example textiles and machines - and now we will be able to do so even more in the future,” says Christoffer Sjorup, Department Manager at LEMAN, and continues:

“It is attractive to have goods produced and shipped from Turkey to Scandinavia, because prices are low and transit time is short, so it is clearly a market we expect to increase in the coming years.”

LEMAN continues its existing strategic collaboration with the Danish freight forwarding company Sparta Logistics, which delivers solid, high-quality solutions, and the new collaboration with ELS should only be seen as an extension of LEMAN's investment in the Turkish market.