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Update from LEMAN China

27. 六月

At the end of March, Shanghai reported its highest number of COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic. As a consequence of this, the local authorities implemented a city-wide lockdown. All offices, shops and public transportation in Shanghai were closed and residents had to stay in their homes.


In mid-May Shanghai announced plans to reopen slowly after spending more than six weeks in lockdown and stamping out COVID-19 transmission in 15 of its 16 districts. It was reported that the opening will be rolled out in phases and that “normal life” would resume on June 1.


“Normal Life” may have begun but the lingering effects like anxiety and depression due to Covid lockdowns remain to be seen. LEMAN recognizes this possibility and the impact that it may have had on the staffs’ mental health.


LEMAN has developed EAP (Employee Psychological Assistance Program) to address this issue. This is to provide employees a safe and professional counseling for support.


Psychological counseling isn’t very popular in China. It goes against culture and tradition. Most people still have some prejudice against psychological counseling. But I am happy to say that the feedback from the employees have been positive, HR Manager, Jamie Zhou says. LEMAN sent care packages to everybody during the lockdown and is now offering EAP.  They are incredibly moved by this gesture.

心理咨询在中国并不流行。大多数人对心理咨询仍有一些偏见。但我很高兴地说,员工的反馈是积极的,人力资源经理Jamie Zhou表示。LEMAN在封锁期间向所有人发送了爱心礼包,现在提供EAP。他们被这个举动所感动。

In order to provide a professional and safe consulting environment for employees, all consulting information has been kept confidential. We hope that more people will avail of this program and are able to acknowledge their thoughts and feelings.  


We have had 2 rounds of 10 individual counseling sessions so far, according to HR Manager, Jamie Zhou.  She added that such participation can be considered a high acceptance by the employees at the initial offering of EAP.

据人力资源经理Jamie Zhou介绍,到目前为止,我们已经进行了两轮10次个人咨询。她补充说,这种参与可以被视为员工对EAP的高度认可。

As LEMAN Shanghai has a mix of locals and foreigners, it was made sure the appropriate languages and formats were extended to each individual.

由于LEMAN 上海混合了本地人和外国人,因此确保将适当的语言作用到每个人。

The good news is although EAP was launched during the lockdown, LEMAN aims to offer it long-term to its employees. The core of the program isn’t limited to COVID or the lockdown but to help the total mental state of each staff while he or she is employed with the company, HR Manager, Jamie Zhou says. We want to let them know we care.

好消息是,尽管EAP是在封控期间推出的,但LEMAN的目标是为其员工提供长期服务。人力资源经理Jamie Zhou表示,该计划的核心不限于新冠肺炎或封控,而是帮助每个员工在受雇于公司期间的总体心理状态。我们想让他们知道我们关心他们。

A few more programs are being designed for the employees such as Leadership Program, Succession Program and many more. The contents and the heart of the program will really depend on the need of the employees in order for them to develop further along with the company. We are here to listen to our employees and work with their amazing ideas.


LEMAN Value is all about respect, quality and commitment. This is why we have persevered to get EAP up and running but more importantly create more helpful programs for the employees. Good communication and coordination will lead to an increase in job satisfaction and productivity which will in effect benefit not only the staff but the company as well. After all, the staff, the people are the priority of LEMAN.  


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