LEMAN Implements Driver App

to Enhance Operations and Customer Experience

4. 八月

We are now introducing a driver app to optimize our customer’s Road business operations. The implementation of this app is a strategic move aimed at addressing key operational needs while improving efficiency and transparency.

By integrating the driver app with our Transportation Management System (TMS), we anticipate following advantages:

  • Increased Transparency and Efficiency: The app offers an improved overview of milestones and enables timely reporting of any deviations, facilitating swift actions and informed decision-making.
  • Improved Productivity: The app's features, such as sign-on-glass functionality and the ability to work outside the distribution network, streamline operations and enhance productivity.
  • Enhanced Documentation: The app empowers drivers to capture images of damages and Proof of Delivery (POD), simplifying documentation processes and expediting resolutions.

Driven by our commitment to customer value, we continuously invest in innovative IT tools to enhance our services. The driver app's implementation simplifies work processes, automates status updates, and improves traceability, resulting in time savings for both forwarders and internal teams responsible for tracking shipments.

The implementation of the driver app underscores our commitment to digitalization and professionalism, enabling us to deliver improved services to our customers worldwide.