Sea freight from Far East

Sea freight market facing challenges

11. 十一月

We are currently seeing a very challenged sea freight market. Unusually strong demand and tight capacity management by the carriers have increased the rates to record high levels in all trades. The vessel utilization is close to 100% and space is an issue unless you book well in advance. On top of this, we also experience equipment shortage in certain areas, making it even more difficult to navigate in the market.

Carriers introduce new surcharges with very short notice

Due to these circumstances, carriers are now introducing a Peak Season Surcharge and an Equipment Imbalance Surcharge with very short notice. And since the volume and demand traditionally will increase further as we get closer to the holiday season in December as well as the upcoming Chinese New Year, we do not expect the situation to soften up in the nearest future.

Book your shipments well in advance

Therefore, we urge you to book future sea freight shipments as early as possible and to stay in close contact with your personal LEMAN representative for updated information on the equipment and space situation, as well as the specific rate level.

5 ways to get your shipments from China.

Need a competitive alternative?

We can also assist you with competitive alternatives to your current transport set-up. Whether it is different container types, alternative type of transport modes such as truck, rail or air, we have the right solution.

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