Shipping container shortage in China affects global supply chains

5. 三月

No other economy in the world has recovered from the pandemic faster than China’s, and the export from the country has skyrocketed during the Covid-19 crisis.

However, the economic recovery might come to a halt due to a container shortage, which right now results in soaring freight rates and global supply chain disruptions.

The container shortage situation was initially ignited by carrier cancellations followed by a remarkable surge in export from China to Europe and the US. Furthermore, staffing issues at ports in the West sparked by the pandemic have delayed the container handling and the returning of empty units to Asia. 

All in all, this affects global trade and commercial transportation. 

LEMAN has deep roots in China, and we have been connecting the Western markets with the Chinese market for decades. Our experts are ready to help you with alternative solutions on how to get your shipments to Europe or the US from China and are here to guide you through troubled waters.  

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