Supply chain in China and South East Asia

Update on the COVID-19 situation

30. 四月

Though the response to COVID-19 across China and South East Asia has been varied, the tendency regarding the virus outbreak is the same; As several countries are beginning to flatten the COVID-19 virus curve, restrictions are slowly being eased.

LEMAN's agent in China and South East Asia, has informed us that none of their employees have been infected nor being suspected of carrying the virus and that health and safety guidelines are being carried out. Please find the latest advisory on the COVID-19 situation in Asia from our agent.

  • Most countries in South East Asia and Taiwan continue to impose strict restrictions on business openings, public gatherings and travelling.
  • In Hong Kong, Beijing and mainland China, all agent offices are fully operational.
  • In Wuhan, the office is fully operational with some staff working from home. Please notice that Wuhan airport is still closed for international flights.
  • India has imposed lockdown until 3rd May.
  • Malaysia lockdown until 12th May.
  • Bangkok office in Thailand will have full staff in office as per 30th April.
  • Most companies are having all or most staff working from home. 
  • Due to Ramadan, Jakarta office in Indonesia has adjusted working hours from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

We are constantly monitoring the extraordinary situation and adjusting our approach to ensure that we can continue to keep your supply chains moving in the best, quickest and safest way. We kindly notice that all lead times are suspended due to the current unparalleled situation.

If you have any queries regarding the current situation, please feel free to contact your local LEMAN representative, who will be more than happy to assist you.